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Apocalyptic Raids

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  • Behold Tom G. Warrior’s excellent beginning into the metal world.Apocalyptic Raids is full of simple but effective guitar riffs,Tom’s angry demon vocals,and most of all the awesome dungeon atmosphere this album permeates.This sounds relatively tame next to bands like Anaal Nathrakh etc…but in its day it was the heaviest stuff around.The silly satanic imagery provides a definite comic element to Hellhammer,just as it did with Venom and Bathory.The music is generally fast, but sometimes slows down into an almost doom tempo for variety,which sounds great.Songs like “Messiah”,”Massacra”,and “Horus/Agressor” are brutal,primitive thrash metal at its best.Highly recommended to those who want to seek the roots of extreme metal.

    Posted on February 15, 2010