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  • I first heard of Apocalyptica from one of my teachers in high school, and was immediately interested. This was the first album I bought on iTunes, and now they are one my favorite bands ever! Here are the highlight songs:

    1. Quuatmo- First song I ever listened to by them! Slow and melodic, but slowly picks up and finishes great.
    2. Distraction- A faster track that totally screams “creativity”
    3. Bittersweet- Another song with guests H.I.M. and The Rasmus singers; the video is interesting, but a haunting song nonetheless.
    4. Misconstruction & Fisheye- with guest drummer Dave Lombardo that brings these dark, heavy tracks to life!
    5. Farewell- Simply a slow, beautiful song with a bit of classical taste.
    6. Misconstruction & Fisheye- with guest drummer Dave Lombardo that brings these dark, heavy tracks to life. Possibly two of the best ones on the album.
    7. Ruska- My FAVORITE on the album! This song, with its slow, graceful tone, really helps me think during homework or with my creativity.

    The bonus, 10 minute track is quite good, though it surprised me that it was two songs in one. The second one is Quuatmo with lyrics (probably in French), and the better half I think…

    I have no idea how they do it, but they sure have an amazing well of creativity and taste. I usually ignored cellos in concerts or classical songs, but after listening to them, no way! I’m excited to see them live, and can’t wait to complete more of their masterpiece albums!

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I REALLY love this CD! I bought one of their other CDs before this one and I instantly fell in love with this one as well. I am always impressed with the unique sound and the great lyrics to a couple of the songs. I listen to this a lot and it is one of my favorite CDs. I am definitely planning on buying another one of their older CDs. I totally recommend this for anyone who loves orchestra type music and rock. It has a different feel and you get lost in it.

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The new opus of Apocalyptica is awesome, in direct line of Reflections, their previous CD. Once again there is a drummer with the celloists and is very heavy metal but with cello. The sound of those instruments is just… great ! And there is also some slow song, more melancholic. And there is a hidden piece at the end of the last song, where a female singer sing in french… If you like Reflections, you’ll love this one too. Enjoy…

    Posted on December 2, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is my favourite album thus far released by wicked classical/heavy-metal band Apocalyptica. The album is diverse, akin to Reflections, but I’d say that this album is tied together exceptionally well. There are particular harmonies that carry through much of the album. When it is played in order, the album is an engaging event, taking the mind away into Apocalyptica’s complex world of intermixing genres. The album has a few slow songs, which although original, beg the listener to remember where they know those sounds from: Bittersweet, Faraway Ruska are the three that have stuck with me. Then there are some hardcore industrial sounds in Fisheye and Betrayal/Forgiveness that take slightly different angles than the hardcore songs on Reflections. This is such a good album, I have no problems listening to it through and through a few times in a row, since it is such a rewarding, emotional experience.

    Posted on December 1, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Once again Apocalyptica proved to be influencial and staggering with their new album. For those of you who are not familiar with Apocalyptica and their music, I recommend you to listen to their former albums in order to appreciate and fully understand the groups’s progress. For a quick info you can listen to tracks such as “Master of Puppets”, “M.B.”, “Inquisition Sypmhony”, “Path”, “Toreador” and “Prologue[Apprehension]“.

    Well, from the day they started off with “Plays Metallica by Four Cellos” Apocalyptica have immensely matured and diversified their sound span. Today, their new self-titled album “Apocalyptica” stands at the peak of their maturing. Diversity blended with drums continue to flourish throughout this album. Tracks such as “Fisheye”, “Fatal Error” and ofcourse “Betrayal/Forgiveness”, which is featuring Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, are the most aggressive and thrilling tracks on the album. While listening to “Fisheye” or “Betrayal/Forgiveness” you can find yourself accompanying the drums and totally blown out. By the way should I mention the unbelievable cello playing skills that will give you shivers?

    On the other hand tracks like “Farewell”, “Ruska” and “Deathzone” are more classical tuned and evenly beatiful like the rest of the album. I should recommend “Farewell” to everybody, this song conveys all feelings so poised and brilliantly that it can make you cry easily at the end of a though day.

    Remaining tracks; “Life Burns!”, “Quutamo”, “Distraction”, “Bittersweet”, “Misconstruction” are all moving and should appeal to everyone who likes metal or classical music.

    Eventually in this album Apocalyptica took one step forward in terms of sound and recording quality. Fact that they took charge in recording of the album shows us that they are also talented in production as well. This album, standing as the darkest but the most moving Apocalyptica ever made, is a must listen and should thrill everyone who wants to savor quality, adept music.

    Posted on December 1, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now