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Apologies Are for the Weak

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  • Its rare this day in age when a band actually standsout and grabs me. There seems to be an almost over saturation of bands popping out of the woodworks. Either jumping onto a bandwagon or trying to break a mold. Miss May I is one of those that seems to be able to incorporate a perfect blend of everything thats hot, on down to the myspace only cover of Savage’s Swing. (which sounds great both in recorded form and live). Its kind of funny to me that almost every review out here so far has called them Screamo and has compared em to TDWP and other newer acts as if they are the standard. Try picking up some real metal like Darkest Hour – Sadist Nation record and hear where the real influince comes from. Does this record make you wanna headbang? Yes. Two Step? Yes. Air Guitar Sweeping Solos? Yes. Simply put, this record has it all. Metal heads, Metal Core kids, Scenesters…whatever. Do yourself a service and pick this up!

    Posted on November 21, 2009