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Appetite for Destruction

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  • APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION was a shot in the arm for the sorry state of hard rock in the 80’s. All the other big bands of the era were more into looks than music, while the musically sound bands didnt get their due. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE kicks off the album and it is an angry tribute to life in LA and breaking into the music business. ITS SO EASY is another hard rockin song that keeps the listener intensely hook into this record. NIGHTRAIN is a straight ahead in your face rock song that just blows you away. MR. BROWNSTONE is the bands story of playing with heroin and it epitimizes the rock n roll lifestyle right before your eyes. PARADISE CITY is a epic song should be considered up there with STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN or FREEBIRD. SWEET CHILD O’ MINE is another classic tune that starts off with that great guitar intro. MY MICHELLE starts off with a dark, sinister sound that it maintains throughout. THINK ABOUT YOU is a love song in true Guns fashion. ROCKET QUEEN is the last song on the album and it is a truly great song. It has a somewhat dark mood to it midway through it changes tempo and slows down and it still comes off great. This album was a brief look as to what the future could have been for this band before drugs and internal conflicts finally tore them apart. This album is a must own and stands up there with all the great Stones albums from 68-72

    Posted on March 15, 2010