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April Rain

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  • Sharon den Adel is not with nor has been with Nightwish, rather she is lead singer of Within Temptation. Delain seems to be an outgrowth from Within Temptation’s former keyboard player, Martijn Westerholt. While this is a well laid out and executed cd with very good vocals from primarily Charolette Wessels; it is a step below Within Temptation in range, power, diversity and composition to me. That being said there is a lot to praise about the Symphonic Metal being produced over the last 20 years in the Netherlands. I am impressed by the amount of musician co-operation between bands in the Netherlands.

    I agree with the reviewer of “Lucidity” (a different Delain cd) that if you are tired of female, mezzo-soprano lead orchestra metal bands then Delain is a refreshing vocal change. Personally I would purchase Delain only after completing my Within Temptation and The Gathering (those with Anneke van Giersbergen).

    Posted on March 13, 2010