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April Rain

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  • So take the beautiful vocals of Karen Carpenter, along with the piano sounds from their albums and then add a symphonic/soundtrackish metal backdrop and you have Delain’s new album. What a contrast!

    The music is heavy in parts, peaceful in others and Charlotte’s vocals are clean and pure as April Rain. She really sounds like Karen Carpenter (USA pop vocalist from the ’70s, look it up) and she never breaks out of that sound. It’s easy to listen to and very refreshing.

    Since the band is Dutch there are a few pronounciation flaws, but otherwise her singing is beautiful and the music provides a good match and a good contrast. I could do without Marko’s (from Nightwish) growly vocals on “Virtue and Vice”, but IMHO the album is great all the way through outside of that part of that one track. One of my favorite tracks is the bonus track, “Come Closer”. It doesn’t match the weight of some of the other songs, but the production quality is a match and the feel fits the rest of the album.

    This album is a bit of a “chill out” compared to some of the bombast of Within Temptation or the crunch of Nightwish, but it’s worth a listen if you love those bands and you’re in a lighter mood.

    Posted on March 13, 2010