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  • Following the disappointing sales of 2001’s “Digimortal”, Fear Factory surprisingly disbanded. Or maybe it’s not surprising considering the band had become more mainstream aimed with “Digimortal” and “Obsolete” which managed to go gold during the rise of nu-metal in the late 90’s. Anyway, “Archetype” is a return to form for the industrial/thrash group, and is undoubtadly their best album since “Demanufacture”. Guitarist Dino Cazeres has departed, allowing bassit Christian to switch over to guitar, and boy does he do a great job here. Burton C. Bell’s vocals sound better than they have in years, and Raymond Herrera’s drumming must be heard to be believed. Opening track “Slave Labor” is classic FF, while other songs like “Act of God”, “Drones”, and the title track (which some may perceive as a slap to the face of Dino) are great headbangers. “Human Shields” finds Bell’s voice reaching never before heard heights, and is better than anything found on “Digimortal”. All in all, “Archetype” is a return to form for Fear Factory, and they couldn’t have come back at a better time.

    Posted on December 23, 2009