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  • Wow! Thank God Fear Factory came back together. I can hear Digimortal’s high tech sounds, the awesome keyboard tracks, the brutality of Soul of a New Machine, Obsolete’s heaviness, and the overall flow of Demanufacture when I listen to this album. Cyberwaste is killer! One of my favorites, along with every other one; “Archetype” is the only not so great song here, but it grows on you. You can listen to this album all the way through, you don’t have to skip any songs here. Also, Raymond’s drumming is incredible, he’s so fast and keeps great rhythym. His best yet! I like Fear Factory’s work on the more softer style songs here. Mainly because they don’t resort to stupid “floaty” guitar effects used mainly for ambience and get you lost in a swirl of crap, (that junk on the radio). FF may be soft in a few areas, but they stay hard and still keep that original raw guitar sound throughout (Bite The Hand That Bleeds You). I love Christian’s Guitar sound better than Dino’s. Christain’s has less low end (compared to Dino) and is so much easier to hear and makes Fear Factory seem like they have definitely progressed into the future. His guitar has got good low end, low mids, and heavy upper-mid attacks goin on paired with tons of treble. Dino had that “scooped” sound with very little, if any, midrange, paired with tons of low end and tons of treble. After reading some reviews, I have to say people expect too much out of musicians. So what if there are no guitar solos, that the guitar lines are made up of a few chords, that the bassist may not play complex stuff, WHO THE **** CARES! Ask yourself this question: DOES THE ALBUM SOUND GOOD? ARCHETYPE SOUNDS AWESOME! So people, judge a band on how much you enjoy listening to their music and not how much “technique” they put into it. Part of writing music is too make it fun and sound good. ARCHETYPE sounds good and is fun to listen to.

    Posted on December 23, 2009