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  • Some people say that Dino was too important a member to let go. But think about it. If he would have stayed, we would have probably gotten an album even worse than Digimortal. Dino was changing the band into his own ideas, and that’s why Burt and him didn’t get along. Personally, I’m glad he left because FF has gone back to their true sound, in my opinion. Christian’s a skilled guitarist and does very well filling in for Dino. Byron does a great job handling the bass. (he didn’t play in the record, but you should see him playing live with the band. You’ll know what I mean) The lyrics, like most of you may have noticed, have changed a bit. But, like most have mentioned, they still keep the well-known FF concept of man aganist the machine. Raymond still kicks ass on drums, Burt’s vocals are as great as ever. If you’re an old or new FF fan, you should get this. Even if you don’t know them, if you’re a metal fan, you should totally get this anyway.

    P.S. Anyone who dares say that Archetype is better than Demanufacture, needs to get their freakin’ head checked. Listen to them both again, carefully, and you’ll see I’m right. Demanufacture’s just pure genius, and I don’t know about anyone else, but in my opinion, it is their BEST. m/

    Posted on December 24, 2009