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  • Fear Factory have ultimately redeemed themselves with the release of Archetype. At first it sounds familiar, akin to past albums… Then after a few listens it forms into a beast all it’s own. The depth therein is captivating. At the same time, it’s a friggin’ metal album, something you can blast while you’re cleaning the house, working out or driving on the highway. Burton’s vocals are devoid of Digimortal-era cheese, and this time his range is much more akin to the sounds of Demanufacture/Obsolete. Bell’s lyrics have suddenly taken a turn for the better, compared to Digimortal(and Obsolete for that matter) these are some of his best. Songs like “Undercurrent”, “Human Shields” and “Bite The Hand That Bleeds” showcase his vastly improving clean vocals. These clean vocals actually produce “hooks” and memorable parts of songs. Something only previously heard(and well done) on “Obsolete”.After 10 or 12 spins I found myself analyzing what makes this such a great CD. First off, Christian Olde-Wolbers pulls off a helluva groove on the guitar. And I know it’s not fair to say, but he pulls of this jackhammer-assed groove more adequately than Dino Cazares ever did. The proof is in the riffs. He shreds.Of course, credit is due to the Herrera. He’s not only the main songwriter, but his drumming is what makes Fear Factory. I can’t really compliment Byron Stroud… I don’t enjoy Strapping Young Lad and I’m not clear as to wether he actually played on the disc. And much unlike past albums there are virtually no breaks where the bass really sticks out.Stand out tracks: “Human Shields”, “Cyberwaste”, “Undercurrent”, “School”, “Slave Labor”, “Bite The Hand That Bleeds”… There is a reason this is currently the best-selling metal album on the billboard charts. Hurry up and buy it, and see ‘em on the Jager-tour soon.

    Posted on December 24, 2009