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Are You Dead Yet?

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  • I’ve been listening to COB for a few years now, and like many, feel they hit their stride with Follow the Reaper. The album had a really fresh sound, and showed what a truly talented and unique ensemble COB is. HateCrew Deathroll was a really solid heavy album that was satisfying, though definetely not their best. Are You Dead Yet sees Bodom drawing more of a “modern” influence, with more hardcore elements than before.

    First and foremost, the keyboards are still there, and regardless of the rest of the band, will still leave each and every song feeling like a Bodom song. Older Bodom fans like myself will really love Bastards of Bodom, the one song on the album that feels just like the old days. The dueling keyboards and guitars thrive on the track, and will please all the old-school fans.

    Though Bodom never really had the best lyrics, some of them are just laughable here (In Your Face in particular). But at the same time, I can’t honestly say I ever listened to the band for their lyrics exactly…it was always more the music that drew me in. And while the music here is solid, it is unfulfilling at times. Alexi and the boys can and have produced better offerings.

    So I would probably have gone with the 3 star route…until I heard the last track. The Ramones cover “Somebody Put Something in My Drink” is just great. The humor of the lyrics fits in PERFECT with the band, and they made a fantastic cover that both does justice to the Ramones and also gives it a Bodom flavor. This song on its own makes the album worth at least one listen.

    Posted on February 19, 2010