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Are You Dead Yet?

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  • I have to say that, all in all, this album will put a lot of other recent metal albums to shame. In spite of the clear changes in the total sound of the band, the whole disc seems to surpass the “national average” of metal. The music is slower as a lot of people have noticed. And it does lack some of the two guitar runs of previous albums. I have to attribute that to the guitarist change up. I don’t care how good 2 guitarists are, they have to aclimate to each other’s styles to really get into tune.

    As a CoB release, it’s only a B. As a metal disc held against all others of the last few years, its certainly A+ meterial. The bands effective use of keyboards versus and in concert with the guitars makes for a Dream Theater meets Cannibal Corpse experience. They don’t use a rediculous amount of layers and the overall sound isn’t confusing or overwhelming like many bands trying to mix guitar and keyboard solos in equal parts. As for this being a “sell out” album, I can’t agree. I can only say that the album reflects the changing enviroment of the band. Precious few bands remain the same forever. Some changes are for the better. Some are for the worse. I guess we’ll have to see what happens for CoB to really decide if this album is a turning point or simply a necessary evil of meeting contract requirements or allowing for the adjustment of old to new.

    I can’t tell you to buy this album or not. Even my friend who I share 99% of my likes and dislakes with will disagree with my tastes on something that seems to be just what he likes. I dont’ know you. Take my review and the reviews of others together with a grain of salt and remember that you’re the only one that knows what you like.

    Posted on February 19, 2010