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Around the Fur

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  • Deftones killed with this one!Deftones improve on this album from their 1995 adrenaline release. If you just recently started listening to the Deftones, especially White Pony, this has some of White Pony’s similarities but basically has a much, much harder edge. In fact, the entire CD is pretty much edgy. Here are my opinions on each song on a scale of 1 to 10:1. My Own Summer (Shove It) – 10. No, this isn’t basically Chino yelling “shove it” just for the hell of it, the words are artistic. Chino does possibly his best vocally on this track. As their most known single, it’s definitely a great mood setter for the upcoming tracks.2. Lhabia – 10. Wow! I have no idea why they didn’t release this one! (Actually they could have released the entire first 8 songs for singles!) The verse is mumbled with Chino’s rage, but the Chorus is extremely pleasurable to the listeners ears, wow!3. Mascara – 10. Gorgeous. Ballad-esque. Sultry yet edgy. Chino sings the verses beautifully. But the Choruses are what stand out. “There’s something about her”, OH, VERY MUSICAL!4. Around the Fur – 10. Heavy. TITLE TRACK ROCKS! Chino sings and yells just great. The riffs are catchy (damn, they always are!). Could’ve definitely become a major, major hit.5. Rickets – 10. Excellent. Tool-style beats here (YES!), the chorus is so catchy that it’s most memorable of the entire CD. Guitars are heavy, y’all!6. Be Quiet and Drive Far Away – 10. Another Ballad-esque, but this time with probably the best song structure. The hookiest song on this CD, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.7. Lotion – 10. Probably the heaviest. The chorus is again catchy! Will these hooks ever end? LOL!8. Dai the Flu – 7. It’s good. Don’t get me wrong. It just drags a tiny bit and it might sound too similar to the other songs. The chorus is okay also.9. Headup – 10. Another Tool-sound, but then Chino raps in (Maynard doesn’t rap).10. MX – 8. I didn’t like the cameo of the girl, sorry. It’s annoying. Otherwise it’s okay. I love the chorus, man!The sophomore jinx isn’t even considered, great job Deftones. GET THE ALBUM IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. ORDER IN THIS ORDER, AROUND THE FUR or WHITE PONY, THEN ADRENALINE!

    Posted on December 2, 2009