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Around the Fur

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  • I’m a very large deftones fan, in my opinion they are one of the best bands ever to grace this earth. I have all four of their albums, from Adrenaline to the Self-Titled. They all have their charms, but this album tops them all. Not that their other releases are anything near bad! Not too many tracks, but the feel of the album and quality of the songs make up for it. Songs:

    My Own Summer (shove it) – Great song, first heard this a few years ago on the matrix soundtrack (and hated it…) but listened to it recently, now i love it, but i admit to skipping over it sometimes. Not the best song on the album, but a killer intro track. Steph’s (Guitarist) intro piece is absolutely awesome. I heard it was written when the singer put aluminium foil over the windows in his boiling hot hotel room and make-beleived he was in an apocalytic world where the sun was gone – and called it his own summer.

    Lhabia – Pretty good too, very catchy chorus, great interlude piece. one of the better songs on the album. (Yes, the name is almost spelt like a part of the female anatomy – don’t really see how it relates to the song, but it probably does in some way…)

    Mascara – DEFTINITELY one of their best songs ever. It has this weird quiet charm, not something you’d expect from the Deftones, not really nice and sweet like Teenager but with a darker almost gothic feel, a dreary but beautiful song that I love listening to. Beautiful lyrics, sounds almost like he’s talking about looking at all the faults of the girl he’s with but, but feeling something about her just drives him insane with passion (her long shady eyes?), and can’t help but make this night all about her.

    Around the Fur – HELL YESSSSS!!!! excellent heavy song. I love the screaming, i used to listen to this song alone over and over again. fabulous. Talks about the underground people (as in prostitutes and stuff), and seems to take a stab at the high society and fasions.

    Rickets – ehhh… I like this (its deftones!!) but it definitely pales next to all the other songs. Still cool though.

    Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) – Holy flurking shnit. This song is de bomb. I’m not suprised it’s been called the best deftones song ever by many. Wow. Long, but heaven every second. A great soothing song, I could fall asleep to it, and i’m sure i’d have dreams of being driven away into the night at unbeleivable speeds by a gorgeous woman.

    Lotion – This is probably my favourite damn song on this whole damn album. damn! Heavy in the verses where chino (vocalist) sounds like he’s having an angry outburst of temporary insanity which slides into an amazingly adrenaline-pumping chorus that shows off chino’s awesome vocal talents – and abe’s drumming sounds awesome in the chorus, the transition between verse/chorus just clicks for me… wow…

    Dai the Flu – Cool bass, Chi!!! I heard somewhere that “Dai” is part of Chi’s name too, one of his middle names or something. Groovy song, i like it heaps (my sister loves it too, its her favourite on this album). Sweet-ass.

    Rickets – This song is cool, but it took a little getting used to for me. Its rather heavy and seems to show off the classical deftones sort of sound, like in Engine #9 off adrenaline. I admit to skipping over it though, because the tune in deftones is the thing that wins me over, and this song doesn’t have that much tuneful stuff… still good.

    MX – Veeeeeery good song. Has this weird verse part where chino talks to this chick, it sounds really cool, especially when you listen to what he’s saying. This song is kinda scary, the chorus is “hahahaha… Come over here, over here, Closer to Lung, hahaha… So I can, So I can, Shove her over railing.”…. whoah dude…. SWEET AS!

    I love the amazing pictures deftones songs build, and the subject matter of their music. Its harsh real beauty. Besides the fact they make cool-ass music, the lyrics send you on these crazy mind trips… they do to me anyway. When I listen to MX i connect it with the image on the front of the album, that rather attractive woman with her legs in the water, especially since at the start of the song you hear some water-like sounds, and some of the vocals sound all bubbly like they’re underwater… Lotion is such a great angry-sounding song, and the chorus sounds sarcastic and almost mocking… “Mascara” has this weirdly romantic feel to it, but its not fake-sounding or overly sappy… i think chino (and whoever else contributes to the lyrics) understands that words are just words, that there are many ways to express feelings… and that life isn’t as black-and-white as its perceived in many other bands and songs (“I love you, you’re perfect, let’s come together and live together forever happily ever after….”). The guys in the deftones seem so honest and genuine with their music and thats why they hold about number 1 in my list of favourite bands (tied with 36 Crazyfists & System of a Down). Buy this CD now, its worth it dudes.

    Posted on December 2, 2009