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As Daylight Dies

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  • Killswitch has come along way since their first album. This album is bar far the greatest achievement to date. First of all, this album’s lyrical content is a much more earnest and thought provoking then the other three albums. Songs like “Reject Yourself”, “Break The Silence”, and “The Arms Of Sorrow”, portray a reflective and contemplative view on war; as well as the horrible atrocities that have been eminent in the world.

    As Daylight Dies also holds some of the hardest hitting, riff driven rock anthems to date. Songs like “For You”, “Still Beats Your Name”, “As Daylight Dies”, and “This Fire Burns” drive this point home, with heavy laden drums, resonant bass, and earsplitting guitar riffs. “For You” might be one of the most well-rounded songs on the album, every part of the song shows the unique talents of the band.

    Finally, when most people decide whether or not they like a band in this genre they usually discuss whether or not the screaming or groan is necessary or annoying. However, on As Daylight Dies and The End Of Heartache Howard Jones vocals are non-the-less incendiary; his tone is a welcome change from the shreiks of bands like As I Lay Dying and Atreyu. His groans and screams tie together so well with the instrumentals that it never becomes dull or too abrasive. But what stands out the most is his versatility, one verse he will be in your face and in total control of his screaming, while in most chorus’ he comes out with this epic singing that is totally unexpected.

    Here’s how the album breaks down (Best out of 10):

    1. Daylight Dies – 8.5 – Great intro, but feels like an intro or even an outro more than a complete song.
    2. This Is Absolution – 9 – This song should have opened the album, great chorus, and great use of acoustic guitars.
    3. The Arms of Sorrow – 9.5 – Probably the albums saddest song, but very well written and the production is top-notch as well as with the rest of the album. The chorus is quite tear-jerking, but transitions perfectly into the bridge.
    4. Unbroken – 8.5 – One of the albums hardest hitting tracks, at points it may seem like the most lack-luster and repetitive song on the album, but that isn’t really saying much, considering this is KSE’s best album by far.
    5. My Curse – 10 – Beautiful song, through all it’s clean instrumentals, to it’s earsplitting riffs, this song has everything you need.
    6. For You – 10 – In contrast to My Curse, this may be the definitive KSE’s piece, has everything this band has to offer in one tightly composed song. (((GIVE IT MORE THAN A COUPLE LISTENS)))
    7. Still Beats Your Name – 9.5 – Hard hitting, riff-driven… but also one of the most beautiful chorus’ and bridges KSE has to offer.
    8. Eye of the Storm – 9.5 – Some what predictable, but non-the-less heartpounding and amazing riffs.
    9. Break the Silence – 9.5 – One of the best tracks on the album, but it might have the greatest and most thought-provoking chorus’ in the KSE catalog.
    10. Desperate Times – 8 – Might be the albums dullest tracks, but is a great song to check out once and a while when the rest of the album has been listened to too much.
    11. Reject Yourself – 10 – B-E-A-utiful, great way to close the album, tie-ing with “For You” this might be the best, most definitive, and purely intimate songs Killswitch has ever made.

    Posted on February 21, 2010