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As Daylight Dies

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  • I bought the last release (The End Of Heartache) after seeing the video of the title track on Headbanger’s Ball. Howard Jone’s screaming, pinched harmonic squeals, pummeling guitar riffs, breakdowns, and slow and heavy rhythms were commmon throughout the album. Overall, I thought Heartache was a decent if not stellar effort from the band…

    That brings me to their latest effort, As Daylight Dies. While there are some stand out tracks like “Daylight Dies”, “This Is Absolution”, “The Arms Of Sorrow”, and “Desperate Times”, the rest of the album reminds me of Heartache. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. I actually think it’s another decent effort which I’m sure I’ll listen to again and again. It’s just that maybe I was expecting a little more in terms of growth and direction. So, if you expecting Daylight to be another Heartache, then this album’s for you. In any case, Daylight is fine for what it is.

    Posted on February 21, 2010