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As the Palaces Burn

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  • In my opinion, Lamb of God is probably the fastest rising band out of this whole New Wave of American Heavy Metal shxt. Man, these guys have toured non-stop, have had their videos played countless times on the Ball, and just recently, they signed to Epic. I see them being the headliners of the second stage of next year’s Ozzfest. Well, anyways, here’s my review of their album:I was blown away when I first heard this album. Right now, it’s a 4 way tie for best album of the year also including Mushroomhead, Chimaira, and Dimmu Borgir. The musicianship is incredible on this. Metal bands, take notes, cause this stuff is top notch. Like Chimaira, their sopomore effort has way better production (thanks to Mr. Devin Townsend). The album begins with a bang with “Ruin.” Full on mosh music, until the bridge, where there’s a ripping solo. Great stuff. The title track is probably the fastest one on here. Heavy riffs, lighting-fast drumming, and evil vocals, make this a fav. I’m sure everyone by now has heard “11th Hour.” Probably the catchiest tune on here. It reminds me Pantera, until the last minute of the song, where it goes full on speed. My fav. on here has to be “Blood Junkie.” The music on here reminds me of Meshuggah. Every 10 sec. it has speed changed, and heavy ass breakdowns. Plus, Chris Adler goes nuts on the drums.Anyways, for people who haven’t given new school metal a chance, you will instantly respect Lamb of God. Scott Ian siad it best. It’s like Reign in Blood all over again.

    Posted on January 13, 2010