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  • This band has more potential than anyone could possibly imagine. The fact that they produced this AMAZING record when all the band members are between the ages of 19-23, is just mind-blowing. And this is no beginner’s luck, their debut album was quite good too. 2 certifiably quality metal releases at this stage in their careers; one can only assume Trivium will be praised in the metal community for quite some time.

    Here’s to shifting a bit of the metal momentum back stateside!

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A friend of mine at work showed me this band, he saw them on tour with It Dies Today. I thought they were pretty good, fast, hard, but still melodic and technical in the guitar work, which is perfect when pulled off. So I got Ember to Inferno. That cd really caught on. The first 2 tracks were the best probably, and the rest still shone. When I heard that Ascendancy was coming out in two weeks, I was like, killer, I find a new band and i get 2 times the material. I went to Trivium’s site one day and watched the ‘Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr’ video, and from the drum opening i was like “wow these guys have definitely grown, if that is possible.” This song was AMAZING. So in your face with the riffs, and Matt’s vocals and drums, it blew my mind. And then the solo. Good heavens, the solo. I had always enjoyed the shredding work of legends like Zakk Wylde and Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, but good god, these guys BLEW MY MIND. The solo for that song alone became my new favorite guitar solo ever. I listened to that song over and over again. I just had to get the cd, and boy did it do Trivium justice. Not only is this the best metal record recently (along with 2003’s Waking the Fallen by Avenged Sevenfold), it is probably one of the greatest metal records we will see in our time. The solos are blistering, very reminiscent of Zakk Wylde (who in my opinion is the best guitarist of all time), and they are so young, they have so many more albums to pour out for us. So you’re probably saying, why waste my time with this new Roadrunner band, they’re probably nu-metal. But they are bringing metal to a whole other level with their dark, but melodic breed of metalcore. All of their songs are unique, and oh so talented. My favorite still remains “Pull harder…” but every one is a gem. Even the opening track sounds cool and eerie. For any rock fan, this is a mandatory cd to check out, and i’ve been listening to rock all my life. The guitars are some of the best ever, the drums are very good, and the singing is also unbelievable. Props to Trivium for making the best record in AGES, and I hope that they get famous, and if they do, they dont sell out, because this is the kind of music American culture should recognize.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • …some of the growls seem forced to me. It’s like there’s a formula with metal bands nowadays that goes: scream the verses, sing the choruses. I understand that the screaming adds addrenaline to the song, but in some scenarios it is not necessary. I’m just saying that Trivium should give more clean vocals a shot next outing.

    But, no one in their right mind can question the talent of this band or the quality of this CD. It’s just plain sick how well they play together.

    Heafy’s got one hell of a voice though. Low growls, screams, clean…he can do it all. Add in great drumming (double bass with a fury), and amazing solos to get Ascendancy. It’s a pure rush, beautiful and crushing at the same time.

    All of the songs are written well…whoever writes the lyrics in the band should pat themselves on the back. My favorite song is “A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation”, where they break up the mayhem in the middle of the song with a homage to 80s metal. Awesomeness…

    Overall, these guys stand above almost all the American “metal” bands nowadays. Like the guy below me said, if you own two metalcore albumns for this decade, make it Ascendancy and Avenged Sevenfold’s “Waking the Fallen”.

    I also recommend Soilwork’s new release “Stabbing the Drama”, as well as Trivium’s debut “Ember to Inferno” which is *almost* as good as this release.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Wow, just wow. This cd blew me away. Only about 3 or 4 cds have ever been able to impress me as much as Trivium’s Ascendancy. If you like metal. I recommend this. This is NOT metalcore. This is just straight up metal. With such emo/pop/punk crap filling the radio today, it may seem like no band would ever come back and redeem bands who have just sold their souls for a few bucks, Metallica, Megadeth etc etc. If Trivium can release atleast 3 more cds as good as this they will be the next Metallica, end of story. Here is my personal opinion on the song’s for this album.

    The End of Everything – 4/5 a mellow acoustic intro song. Gets you excited for the album.

    Rain – 5/5 first full length song and can you say mind blowing? This song just comes out with some awesome guitar work and kicks your ass.

    Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr – 20/5 I’m listening to this song right now and it is simply one of the best metal songs I have heard in a long time. A true metal anthem right here. Everything is perfect in this song.

    Drowned and Torn Asunder – 5/5 First thirty seconds or so are a bit mellow, then it starts to speed up. The singer has a great singing voice when he uses it.

    Ascendancy – 4/5 When this song started it didn’t impress me much but as it goes on it just gets better and better.

    A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation – 5/5 Newest single from this album and all I can say is killer guitar work! Even though these guys are young, they know what they’re doing.

    Like Light To The Flies – 5/5 Mesmerizing song, I love the drums on this song.

    Dying In Your Arms – 4.5/5 What does every great metal album need? a ballad of course and that is what this song is. A good one at that. Melodic guitar work and good singing make this track quite impressive.

    The Deceived – 4.5/5 How does Trivium follow up after a ballad? An awesome some which has heavy and melodic parts, the guitar in the chorus just is incredible.

    Suffocating Sight – 6/5 Another favorite of mine, I love how it goes from melodic singing to a straight up mosh pit anthem

    Departure – 5/5 This song starts out with more incredible guitar work, followed by some acoustic guitar, with vocals to match the atmosphere.

    Declaration – 6/5 Vocal/lyrics wise, this is one of the best here. “I’ll be right here, falling away fighting on principle. I’ll die 1,000 times before i’ll ever be them!!!!”

    To end this, this cd is amazing. Plain and simple. If you love metal and its many many forms I can NOT reccomend this enough. Now what the hell are you doing still reading this!?!? Go out and buy it. Enjoy.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album was the first real metal album that I listened to. It is really what turned me into the metalhead that I am today. A friend told me about this band when he first heard their drummer, Travis Smith, laying down just about the fastest double kicking he’d ever heard. As he described it, Travis Smith had “feet on steroids”. I checked them out, and at first, I had thought there was too much screaming. However, I then began to look into other metal bands, such as my current favorite, Opeth, and somehow began to appreciate this newly discovered style of music. This CD deserves five stars because of the rare, wonderfully clean vocals of Matt Heafy, and also because of the consistent guitar harmonies. Some may say it is ‘not the first album to use clean vocals on the chorus’, but yes, we know that, it isn’t. Trivium’s ‘Ascendency’ may not be the first to use clean vocals, but I think they do it very well, in fact, better than most other bands. Even though the whole CD is near flawless, here are some of my absolute favorite tracks ( Yes, I know that they are mostly all together, but thats just the way the CD goes ) :

    2. Rain – I’d call it a tie for my favorite between this song and Drowned and Torn Asunder. The constant, blazing double kick assault is really what makes this song. I especially like the end of the song where there is a major tempo change and Heafy sings, “Swallow every blasphemy. Eat out your heart and make it bleed.”
    3. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr – Great lead-in by Travis on this song. The vocals on this track are very fierce, and the chorus is one of my favorites.
    4. Drowned And Torn Asunder – Superior vocals on the chorus, the best on the album. Great double kicking once again during the verses.
    5. Ascendency – Not much lyrics to this song, but it is still a thriller. The intro will send chills down your spine. Matt is spilling his guts during the verses.
    6. A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation – Wow, one of the best guitar solos that I have ever heard. This song is probably the heaviest on the album, which makes a nice break-up in the material.
    12. Declaration – A PERFECT closer. Gotta love that signature Travis Smith 16th note assault on the kick drum. Probably the most meaningful lyrics on the CD, too. The whole song is just amazing. Period.

    So, really, in conclusion, if you are new to metal and need an introduction, I recommend this CD. It is probably the best place to start for anyone. Hell, even if you’re not just starting up, it’s still a really great album to add to your collection. I’d place “Ascendancy” among my top 10 favorites of all time. Also, look for their new album when it hits the racks this fall. Thank you for your time.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now