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  • A friend of mine at work showed me this band, he saw them on tour with It Dies Today. I thought they were pretty good, fast, hard, but still melodic and technical in the guitar work, which is perfect when pulled off. So I got Ember to Inferno. That cd really caught on. The first 2 tracks were the best probably, and the rest still shone. When I heard that Ascendancy was coming out in two weeks, I was like, killer, I find a new band and i get 2 times the material. I went to Trivium’s site one day and watched the ‘Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr’ video, and from the drum opening i was like “wow these guys have definitely grown, if that is possible.” This song was AMAZING. So in your face with the riffs, and Matt’s vocals and drums, it blew my mind. And then the solo. Good heavens, the solo. I had always enjoyed the shredding work of legends like Zakk Wylde and Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, but good god, these guys BLEW MY MIND. The solo for that song alone became my new favorite guitar solo ever. I listened to that song over and over again. I just had to get the cd, and boy did it do Trivium justice. Not only is this the best metal record recently (along with 2003’s Waking the Fallen by Avenged Sevenfold), it is probably one of the greatest metal records we will see in our time. The solos are blistering, very reminiscent of Zakk Wylde (who in my opinion is the best guitarist of all time), and they are so young, they have so many more albums to pour out for us. So you’re probably saying, why waste my time with this new Roadrunner band, they’re probably nu-metal. But they are bringing metal to a whole other level with their dark, but melodic breed of metalcore. All of their songs are unique, and oh so talented. My favorite still remains “Pull harder…” but every one is a gem. Even the opening track sounds cool and eerie. For any rock fan, this is a mandatory cd to check out, and i’ve been listening to rock all my life. The guitars are some of the best ever, the drums are very good, and the singing is also unbelievable. Props to Trivium for making the best record in AGES, and I hope that they get famous, and if they do, they dont sell out, because this is the kind of music American culture should recognize.

    Posted on December 15, 2009