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Ashes Against the Grain

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  • Agalloch, has done it again. “It” being the creation of another masterpiece. Agalloch, IMO, has forged a melancholic, sad, despairing, and yet hopeful brick of Grey metal. I am not pigeon-holing this band, I am saying that Grey metal is a distinct and clear vision that Agalloch has constructed. Is this as good or better than their previous records, well you the listener decide. On AATG, Jason Walton’s bass is more up front in the mix, which to me is a good thing. The drumming has improved with the addition of Chris Greene. J.Haughm, however, played drums on “Not unlike the Waves” and “Falling Snow.” The production is superb, as the mix has greatly improved with each release. The musicanship is filled with tension and release. I’ve had the special wood-box edition for 2 weeks now, and after several listens, I’m still hearing different nuances in the music. Brilliant songwriting. BTW, the wood-box edition is a burnished brown wood with Agalloch ingrained across the slip-off top. Very cool packaging. These guys are the masters at what they do. Which is convey their concepts of this world, and the condition of this planet we all inhabit. And let’s be realistic, it really is not a wonderful existance. Music that makes you smile is very important, but music bringing about truth and a certain realism is also important. This is what Agalloch’s music can do. There is sadness in beauty, and beauty in sadness. And that, my friends, is Agalloch’s Grey soundscape.

    Posted on January 8, 2010