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  • But thats not necessarily a bad thing. This is a lot heavier than the Hank III most people are used to. This is also not an outlaw country album. It is hard to classify but the closest I can come is metal or stoner rock. If you’re looking for the Hank III that you’re used to he’s not here (but it is the same guy). If you have heard the Assjack bootlegs that have been floating around for a while, than you know what you’re looking at here. Also, if you’ve seen Hank III in concert, than this is the band he comes out and does the second half of the show with. If you are into, Assjack or stoner metal than this is a pretty good album. You get the stoner metal sound but with Hank’s song writing ability, which is phonomenal. If you’ve only heard Hank III, and you’re looking at this album, just preview the tracks (right here on Amazon) before you pick it up. If you know Assjack or are into a heavy sound, than pick this album up right away. This album is a great represnetation of the other side of Hank III.

    Posted on January 2, 2010