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  • I am a big fan of Hank III. It was just a random chance when I learned of his AssJack album. After buying and listening to it here’s my impression:

    It’s not anything country at all. while “Straight To Hell” and “Damn Right, Rebel Proud” had their punk moments AssJack is as far away from Hank III’s hellbilly work as possible. It’s loud, heavy and has III’s distinctive twang. It’s a sonic assault all by III himself (he plays all the instruments).

    And while it’s a solid work it’s marred by being deliberately overdriven and marred by the heavy clipping. There was a review of the MP3 version which took aim at the poor audio quality. That person can be rest assured: The CD itself is badly clipped. And the clipping is more than magnified through lossy formats such as MP3. The extra-thick layering of the final mix certainly doesn’t get better when it hits 0dB. It’s great but suffers.

    It’s worth a listen. It’s only about a half-hour long but I still recommend it despite its flaws.

    Posted on January 3, 2010