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At the Arena Ov Aion: Live

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  • This particularly hard to find live album from the mighty Behemoth is for sure worth the time and effort to seek out. If you are new to this band, start with their brand new disc, Evangelion. It is without a doubt the best of their collection. If you have been along for the Behemoth ride for a while now, check this album out. Behemoth, in my opinion, suffered up until Evangelion with a problem which plauged many metal bands in the 80’s and early 90’s: They simply did not sound as good, heavy, technical, and brutal on their albums as they did live. Here you get a first-class recording of Behemoth in all their live, blasphemous glory. You can really get a feeling for what a Behemoth live show is like. This cd rips from front to back and is in my opinion on of the all-time greatest live metal recordings, hands down. Worth the money and as Behemoth will be taking over the international death metal world in the next few years, this album is certain to go up tremendously in value. Five well-deserved stars.

    Posted on January 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now