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  • I’ve been a fan of Paradise Lost for roughly 4 years, and have heard all of their songs, and I must say this is quite an interesting compilation. I bought the album confused thinking it was just a bunch of different live shows at different venues. No, this is a compilation of some of the most raw Paradise Lost songs you can find, which definitly isn’t a bad thing. These recordings are not just rehashes of their album counterparts, these versions represent the way Paradise Lost was meant to be heard. This cd has actually 3 parts, Rock show 20th November, Rock Show 95, and Rock Show in Concert. The first is very nicely recorded, for its age, that is. “As I Die” has always been one of my favorite songs, and this version confirms that, as it is even more heavy and when he sings As I Die in this version his voice reverbs. The Second Portion, Rock Show 95, is slightly less of sound quality, but shows much more underproduced versions of songs from the Draconian Times, and shows how Paradise Lost have progressed over the years from an underproduced (or garage sounding) metal sound to a very refined sound (hear their latest album Symbol of Life and hear what I mean). Something to note about this portion of the disc, is the inclusion of “Sweetness” a somewhat difficult to find song by the band, and the fact they included a Rock Show version of this song makes it even more rare. The third portion, In Concert, is Paradise Lost in their prime, especially if you enjoy their heavier days of Gothic. You hear the crowd rawr and want to jump up and shout along with the rest of them and sing the lyrics. Overall I give this cd 4 stars, not a 5 simply for the fact that Rock Show 95 is a bit of lesser quality sound compared to the rest of the disc. This disc is a must have for any Paradise Lost fanatic or metal lover alike. Oh and don’t forget to check out their latest “Symbol of Life.”

    Posted on November 29, 2009