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At The BBC

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  • As a fan of Paradise Lost, I didn’t hesitate when I bought the live album of one of my favorite bands. Being honest, I cannot give five stars to this Cd, because the material belong to different concerts without the quality I expected. The first part, from a 1992 concert, are (live versions of) four songs from the album “Shades of God” and have poor sound quality (limitations of recording on the stage); also the voice of Nick Holmes (at that time) hadn’t the power of latter albums. The second part (another four songs, now from 1995) improved the sound and Nick had a better performance. Being the “Gothic” album my Paradise Lost’s favorite, the third part (10 songs from 1993)is the best of the CD: nice recording, powerful vocals, excellente selection of songs. “Live at the BBC” represents the first record of the Paradise Lost live performances, so I expect one or two more live albums with recent material and much better sound.

    Posted on November 30, 2009