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  • The only reason I give this CD four stars instead of five, is that the latter half of the CD is a better compilation of material than the first. This is an excellent CD nonetheless. I wonder though, if live performances from later in their career will be recorded onto compilations like this one? To get to the point, this is a good CD overall, and a nice introduction into Paradise Lost’s older material slanted more toward the doom metal genre as opposed to the lighter Gothic Metal recorded later in their career. Paradise Lost is one of my favorite bands (I’ve seen them in concert with Opeth), and they deserve more attention. This is the fourth CD of theirs I have bought so far, and I am only more convinced over the years of how diverse and talented this Gothic Metal act is. I recommend this CD to any metal fan interested in one of the most influential metal bands that explores the darker side of metal. It is a real treat.

    Posted on November 30, 2009