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At the Heart of Winter

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  • I became a fan along with a friend a while back while searching through my brother’s CD case. We found this, thought it looked cool, so we popped it in my boombox. The only black metal we knew of back then were Emperor, but we loved them to death, so obviously we enjoyed ‘At…’ This album was a major push into the world of black metal for my friend and I. I now own a multitude of black metal albums, yet this still seems to be one of my favorites. Also, its the only Immortal CD other than ‘Sons..’ than I can find! I find it incredible how these songs can be quite repetitive and still I can listen to each second of every song. I believe its because of the incredible atmosphere that was created with this album. I mean just listen to the all out beauty of Solarfall. The crunchy cold guitar riff, coupled with the distorted bass, gargled vocals, and insane drumming create a winterland of metal. Its really hard to explain, so please, do yourself a favor and check this one out!The Band-Abbath, guitars, bass, synthesizers, and vocals- I give Abbath incredible credit for being able to pick up guitar and synth duites as well as bass. Demonaz caught some sort of illness sadly that restrained him from playing the guitar. He still writes lyrics for Immortal though. I believe with this album Immortal found an incredible style of their own, since Abbath creates most of the material written nowadays. I am glad more clean guitar is being incorporated with Immortal’s music. Abbath also creates some very cool keyboard lines as well, like those on Solarfall and the title track. Hail Abbath!Horgh, drums and percussion- Horgh is one of the standouts of this album. His drumming isn’t as fast as it is on ‘Sons..’, but it still fits the music perfectly and adds even more to that atmosphere I’ve been talking about. His percussive drums sound pretty cool too. At The Heart of Winter is a perfect addition to any black metal collection, and probably should be in everyone’s. Plus, it’s a great starter CD for new black metal fan, because it isn’t an all out attack on the senses, which many black metal bands try to do.

    Posted on March 12, 2010