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At the Pulse of Kapitulation: Live in East Berlin, 1990 (DVD/CD)

At the Pulse of Kapitulation: Live in East Berlin, 1990 (DVD/CD) thumbnail

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  • First of all Andy Sneap is the BEST audio engineer! I mean, who can take an 18 year old recording and make it sound like this. My two favorite bands are Kreator and Nevermore and I am lucky he works with both bands, his talent for mixing and producing makes recordings timeless.

    Now for this video.. I remember seeing the Extreme Agression tour in Cincinnati (Coroner was the opener). It was so cool how this video captured the power of Kreator, they are just unreal live and this video does not dissapoint. You can imagine how cool it was for the fans of East Germany with the wall just coming down, most seeing Kreator for the first time. It is a must have!

    I understand how the other reviewer felt as to the video not having anything from Coma on it, but there were so many great songs dropped from Kreator’s set during that tour, it just proves that they have such a huge catalog of great songs.

    Now that King has a bad back and Kreator will not be back in the US for a while this will have to hold me over until a Jan 09 when they are looking to possibly putting out a new album. Oh, and when Mille say’s that they are working on new songs and they are BRUTAL, you can take that to heart, it’s not like Larz saying the new Metallica album is going to sound like Puppets haha..

    KREATOR rules and I look forward to seeing them in the states.

    Posted on November 27, 2009