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At the Pulse of Kapitulation: Live in East Berlin, 1990 (DVD/CD)

At the Pulse of Kapitulation: Live in East Berlin, 1990 (DVD/CD) thumbnail

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  • At first, it seems like this release is another way to prolong the time between the release of 2005’s Enemy Of God (which was then reissued as Enemy Of God Revisited) and now. But picking up this dvd/cd set, you know why Kreator had to do it. The concert filmed back in 1990 (orignally on VHS, now for the first time on dvd and cd) was one of the first since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and it’s no coincidence that the mood is captured perfectly. German metalheads celebrated seeing one of their favorite bands like it was Christmas, and the energy of the music and lyrics captured the feeling of freedom that was endured. Enough rambling. The concert is excellent. The audio was remixed by legendary metal producer Andy Sneap (also worked on Live Kreation, Violent Revolution, and Enemy Of God) who captures the old vibe of the performance using todays recording technology to make it sound almost like the old is new again. My only complaint is that there’s no songs from Coma Of Souls, but since it was recorded before the album, I can’t fault it. Extras include the short documentary The Past And Now which chronicles the fall of the Berlin Wall and the effect of it to today, and that fateful performance in East Berlin, as well as the band’s popularity to this day. Also included for the first time on dvd is Hallucinative Comas: the short, artful horror piece that was inspired by the Coma Of Souls album, now a director’s cut which is complete without the interview footage that was said to have disrupted the flow of the orignal.

    So, if you’re a fan, chances are you’ve probably been looking for Live In East Berlin when it was on VHS. First time fans should also check out Live Kreation, and Enemy Of God Revisited.

    Posted on November 27, 2009