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At Your Birthday Party

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  • There are some controversial messages here that have been overlooked and over-shadowed throughout time by all the other over marketed and exploited recording artists of the late 60’s and early 70’s, while Steppenwolf remains more musically relative with emphasis on moody textures, dynamic modern day grit rock and lyrically more on the mark than a great deal of their counterparts. It’s Never Too Late is an anthem and a serious message for the breakdown and alienation between kids and parents to this day. This really is a multi faceted effort, steering away from the blues rock that links the first 2 albums underlining their roots. The rebellious rock is still adrift in Jupiter Child, radio air play syndrome in Rock Me, (I can picture Pearl Jam conceiving Don’t Cry) Mango Juice is world music in sedated acid jazz and there is also a hint of rag time jazz in Cat Killer and wit in God Fearing Man and Chicken Wolf. For a true reflection on John Kay’s soul check out the lyrics of Renegade from Steppenwolf 7 which is a self portrait of his child hood when he was carried away from enemy lines during the bombing of Germany during WWII wrapped up in his mothers arms. The Ostrich from their debut album is his epic, picking the bones of the “SYSTEM” that we still adhere to today, not to mention Monster whose lyrics politically reign supreme and true!!! Enjoy this while it continues to be pressed on plastic, for very few modern day bands are blessed with this vision or scope. Don’t hold your breath on any Hall Of Fame induction either (Rush will probably have a better chance) for if Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath are left out cold, the Wolf will not play either.

    Posted on January 30, 2010