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At Your Birthday Party

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  • Those of us who had a copy of “Steppenwolf: 16 Greatest Hits” in high school (and who didn’t?) will be familiar with the stand-out tracks on “At Your Birthday Party”: “Rock Me” and “It’s Never Too Late”. However, the real highlights on this album are the unexpected diamonds in the rough that showcase Steppenwolf’s suprisingly diverse pallette. One track, “Cat Killer,” is a short, adrenaline-laced boogie-woogie piano workout; and another, “Mango Juice,” is a spacey, mellow jam that makes one think that John Kay might have been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd at the time of this recording. The album concludes with a simple-yet-beautiful tune entitled “Happy Birthday”. While some may regard these tracks as filler, I regard them as the “diamonds in the rough” that give the album its spark. The rest is fairly standard stuff that does not necessarily display much creativity on the band’s part–but if you’re in the mood for some straight-forward rock, then tracks like “Don’t Cry” and “Jupiter’s Child” will probably do just fine.

    Posted on January 30, 2010