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Attack of the Killer B's

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  • This is awesome! Probably one of my all-time favorite albums!

    Only song I don’t like on there is Bring the Noize…

    This is their last good album, as has already been said. Great covers, greatly reproduced.

    Chromatic Death and Protest and Survive are unbeatable on this album! They finish off the album quite nicely and are better than the SOD versions!

    I love the ballad, he really shows off his voice… Any type of music Anthrax does and it does great, even if the song doesn’t sound as smooth as it should be. Some people would think along those lines, but it really doesn’t matter as it has so much feeling and emotion in it. One of the more memorable songs they ever did. Even though it’s just a ballad! Hands down, one of my favorite songs on the compilation album. Feelings and emotions is what makes a good song.

    I wish they brought out pseudo-albums like this all the time! This is the way to do it! Not too serious! It works every time. Scott Ian made is very clear it’s not an album, but it works well like an album. Some songs float around people’s minds for years before they finally put them on an album. Like with Tears of the Dragon by Bruce Dickinson! He wanted to do that for years with Iron Maiden and finally did it on Balls to Picasso in 1994!

    Great work guys! Brings back a lot of memories, served me well when I was younger in my teenage years. Heard it on cassette tape back then!

    When I hear this, I always felt sad this was Joey’s last effort with the group. It was rotten when Joey left! :( Didn’t listen to them after that! Joey was a big part of Anthrax for me! One of my favorite singers of all time! You’d wish people would sort out their differences, wouldn’t you? LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUN THEY HAD TOGETHER! Life’s too short! But all that is in the past and I am eternally grateful that they are back together and have sorted out their difference! I can’t wait for the new album next year! Fingers crossed that they will commit to this and bring out more great material as you find on this compilation!

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • OK this product can be looked at in two ways. Either simply for it’s music or in a wider context.

    Firstly the music. Based just on this there isn’t a lot here to make this a mandatory purchase for your averagle metalhead. A few live numbers and a few covers of varying levels of interest. It would really be up to the individual to decide what ones they prefer. Apart from that this disc has a few Anthrax curiosities for the completist though they are mostly joke tunes.

    Secondly the wider context. That is that this disc was billed as an EP despite clocking in at over 40 minutes. Many bands would call this an album. Anthrax have here put together a nifty little package aimed squarely at their fans. This was never intended to be treated as the next Anthrax album -as the liner notes state – and any fan of this band who approaches this release in the right frame of mind will be rewarded with an amusing and worthwhile package of curios. Pluse the liner notes are genuinely useful and interesting.

    Three stars – an average of two stars for the music alone is worth and the four stars the idea and band behind this release deserve for this useful ’round up’ of odds and sods from the vault.

    For the newcomer, no way. For the fan, for sure, snap it.

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album is really good. I used to listen to it all the time when I was a kid. Anthrax deliver here good, diverse music, with a lot of attitude and imagination. Even though these songs might be kind of outdated now, this album is a classic and I recommend it.

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Opinion was often divided on Anthrax, even in their heyday. Many a serious metal fan could not take the band seriously – Their crimes against metaldom? They wore surf shorts. They recorded a rap song. They were friends with punks. And perhaps most shockingly, they had a sense of humour. How’s a serious grim looking metal head supposed to stay serious and grim when a band is having fun making music? It just isn’t cricket.I say forget that! Anthrax were metal through and through. All you have to do is listen. Close your eyes and the surf shorts disappear. They recorded a grand total of two rap tracks, and they’d be some of the heaviest rap songs you’ll ever hear. Much of the punk fixation was played out in SOD. The sense of fun is inescapable though. Nowhere is it more evident than on this EP.A 44-minute romp through punk covers, live tracks and comedy take-offs, for thrash fans this is the most fun on record this side of Lawnmower Deth. It kicks off with a romp through SOD’s inherently silly but heavy ode to breakfast cereal “Milk”.Thrash did not get much heavier than Anthrax live, and “Keep It In The Family” and “Belly Of The Beast” are utterly crushed into submission by Scott Ian’s rhythm guitar. The live tracks also show off Joey Belladonna’s undoubted vocal talents. The covers of Discharge’s “Protest And Survive” and Trust’s “Sects” are also … stunners, showing off ‘Thrax’s hardcore side.Two highlights of the album are the tongue in cheek takes of the delightful country and western flavoured “Startin’ Up A Posse” and the faux-emo power ballad “N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin)”. Scott Ian took over vocals for “…Posse”, spitting out possibly the angriest lyrics Anthrax had recorded to that point. The country verses and hardcore choruses – compete with “Bonanza” refrains – has to be heard to be believed. The “swearing for swearing’s sake” lyrics are utterly childish, and a lot of fun….The infamous “I’m The Man” gets an unnecessary remix, pretty much messing up all that was good about it. “Bring The Noise” is infinitely better as a rap/metal collaboration.This album was a welcome addition to many a fan’s collection, because it brought together the fun (most of the album) and the hard-to-find (the three cover tracks from Penikufesin). Although we weren’t to know it at the time, Anthrax were having internal problems and label trouble at around this time. Joey Belladonna left the band soon after this release. … This was the beginnings of Anthrax cleaning out their closet in preparation for the more mature sound they developed in the later 1990s. Spring-cleaning was never so much fun.

    Posted on November 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Here is a collection of hard-to-find covers, new tracks and live stompers to brighten the black heart of any Joey Belladonna era Anthrax fan. Unfortunately, problems with Belladonna and with their record company came to a head during the promotion for this release. Tragically, Belladonna was fired, and Anthrax departed Island Records. Thus ended a classic era for speed metal. However, ATTACK gives us a clear picture of Anthrax’s strengths and weaknesses; where they had been and their future directions.MILK (ODE TO BILLY) – We begin proceedings with a cover song of Scott Ian and Charlie Benante’s side project, S.O.D. A head banging ode to breakfast time, this tune turned me on to S.O.D, and I’ve being afflicted ever since. LOL! Joey Belladonna does a stellar job on vocals . . . but doesn’t he always?!BRING THE NOISE – The groundbreaking team up of Anthrax and Public Enemy on an updated PE classic. It also sewed the seeds of discontent in the mind of lead singer Joey Belladonna and caused him to be ousted not long after this album’s release.KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY (LIVE) – Live headcruncher from the `Persistence Of Time’ tour in Birmingham, England.It shows that Anthrax was getting more into the serious subjects than before. Something that would increase with the substitution of Belladonna with ex- Armoured Saint frontman John Bush.STARTIN’ UP A POSSE – A comment of Tipper Gore and the whole censorship debacle. The `Wild West’ theme is sprinkled throughout the track, with the `Bonanza’ theme thrown in for good measure. With Scott Ian on lead vocals, never has Anthrax been so cutting. “And this ain’t sexist, neither!” This is pure, in -your-face stuff.PROTEST AND SURVIVE – Stomping cover version of a track by Discharge.CHROMATIC DEATH – Another S.O.D. ode, guaranteed to cause permanent whiplash. Short, sharp and brutal.I’M THE MAN ‘91 – An updating of their innovative rap metal hybrid song, `I’m The Man’. Spends the first part of the track telling us how innovative they were in the first place and putting down other rap/metal contenders. Not as good the second time round . . .I get my kicks with the original.PARASITE – Energetic reading of early Kiss/Ace Frehley effort. Anthrax and Kiss were always intertwined having toured together, and Anthrax also covering two `early period’ Kiss tunes, `Love Her All I Can’ and `She’.PIPELINE – Can you bang your head and surf the finest waves at the same time? Anthrax sure as hell tried, with this instrumental surf classic. SECTS – A cover of the band Trust, who also inspired Anthrax to cover their ANTI-SOCIAL for their `State Of Euphoria’ album.BELLY OF THE BEAST (LIVE) – Pitch black and menacing killer song from the `Persistence Of Time’ tour, recorded in Birmingham, England. N.F.B (DALLABNIKUFESIN) – A hilarious kick to the head for all those faux-metal bands who persisted in dishing up `power ballads’. The scary thing is that Joey’s voice suits that style to a tee. Wait for the track’s payoff, it `kills’ me every time(sorry about that!).Oh, and for those ‘not in the know’, read the title backwards!Got that?

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