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  • When I first heard Cornell hooking up with the Rage Band, I as well had my doubts – But they were all proven wrong, this CD is amazing. Chris Cornell’s voice/singing brings class back into rock. The members of the band show there true colors, now swaying away from that monotone “Fight the System” style they had when Zack was headman – Tom Morello, Timmy C, and Brad Wilks finally show that they can put out classical rock beats. Tom Morello -. He keeps his signature guitar sound, which I absolutely love about Morello – He has the “distinct” guitar sound that differs from everything you hear on the radio. And along with that, he brings back his creative, well-slapped together solos that I have been missing since Rage departed. Timmy C – is probably one of the most underrated basses ever (along with Tool’s Justin C.) Him and Tom, like they did in Rage, coordinate very well together – He as well has “distinct” bass sound that differs from a lot of other bands. His bass lines flows so perfect with AudioSlave. He has definitely stepped up to the plate and improved. Brad Wilks – I have always thought of him as just an average drummer, and when playing alongside guys like Tom and Tim, it’s hard to be the spotlight in drumming. His style hasn’t changed much, although when I heard the song “Hypnotize” It reassured me that he does have the capabilities to do more then just keep a beat. Chris Cornell – The once lead singer of the grunge band SoundGarden, shows his 38 year old voice can still out-due any other rock voice on the radio. Not only did he do vocals for this album, but I also hear he helped write some bridges for the album when the Rage band was stumped. There are a few songs on this album that stood out quite well to me, and are my personal favorites. “Hypnotize” was quite a shocker to me, the techno style drumming by Brad is really awesome, and Tom and Tim put together a nice flowing style to complement it, and Cornell’s voice kind of gives off a eerie feeling. “Like a Stone” I’m sure is the favorite for SoundGarden fans – This song reminds me of SoundGarden, just with the Rage tone; but I really like it, the solo is also very cool. “Exploder” is a hard-hitting track that I really love. “Cochise”, the hit-single is just a constant headbanging song. “Gasoline” and “Show Me How to Live” give out the head-nodding beats that make you wanna sing along. “Getaway Car” “The Last Remaining Light” “I Am the Highway” are the slow, more paced out songs, but they are wonderful for just relaxing in your room. Chris sings beautifully on these 3 tracks (if you didn’t like his voice in Cochise, then give these 3 songs a try). Timmy C does a flat-out awesome bass line in “Shadow on the Sun” which probably is my #1 favorite track on this whole CD. “Light my Way” reminds me of the 80’s for some reason, perhaps it’s just the way Cornell sings that chorus, but this song is sweet – The chorus is addicting and reminds me of “Bulls on Parade”. “Set if Off” has grown on me, it didn’t have much appeal at first, but the more I listen to it the more I gain an appreciation for it, especially the intro, which is just classical Tom. “What you Are” is extremely radio friendly, wouldn’t be surprised if this is the second single the radio plays. “Bring Em Back Alive” is an interesting song – The intro is very smooth, the chorus is nice, but I think Tom overdid it with the Amp Feedback on the solo; that and the voice effects on Chris didn’t seem to do it for me. Other then those two things, the song is actually very good, and is growing on me. Rating for entire CD: 9/10 – Lots of variety; blows away a lot of the ‘garbage’ on the radio today. It’s hard to determine where ‘exactly’ to place this CD, it’s certainly better then anything Papa Roach, Linkin Park, POD, Disturbed, etc. will ever put out. I would probably place this CD in the same category that Incubus or System of a Down is in; its not “revolutionary” but certainly the best darn album I have heard this year – If you are like me, and thought this year was a disappointing year for Rock, heh, this album fixes that. This band is definitely here to stay, and will also put on a great live show, considering every sound you hear on this CD is done with guitar, drum, bass, and vocals – No samples, no keyboards. I’m sure RATM fans are aware of that already.

    Posted on January 6, 2010