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  • Audioslave’s debut album proves that great rock music is still alive. I don’t understand how one reviewer said that this album is “Excellent, but disappointing” — those 2 words just don’t go together — and also the complaints that this album sounds like “yet another grunge retread” and that “it doesn’t live up to expectations” — Give me a break! This CD not only lives up to my expectations, but far exceeds them. I had already heard the first two singles “Show Me How To Live” and “Like a Stone”, and loved them, but thought that the rest of the album would probably sound like any other repetitive rock album. After hearing the great 3rd single “I Am the Highway”, i finally bought the album. And I was completely wrong about any negative assumptions i had made! There really isn’t one bad song on the entire CD. Each and every track has great vocals from Chris Cornell and superb guitar work and instrument sounds supplied by the rest of the band. But I think the album should have ended with “Getaway Car” because it would have been the perfect ending to a phenomenal CD. That song is mellow yet extremely passionate, i love it! I cannot wait to hear Audioslave’s next album because i can only invision them getting better and better. If you don’t already own this album, go buy it NOW!

    Posted on January 7, 2010