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Aurora Consurgens

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  • This release is a worthwhile addition to your prog-metal collection. What I like about this band is the operatic (at times) vocals, orchestrations, and the balance between aggressive metal and purely straight-ahead rock. The guitar solos are superb, but not over-the-top. There is a certain distinct melodic sound in the guitar solos That sets this band apart from the ordinary metal band, yet the aggressiveness and crunch is still displayed.

    I agree with other reviewers that this is not quite as good as “Temple of Shadows,” but nonetheless an excellent album. ToS had more orchestration and little better level of songwriting. This album, however, has a higher level of energy and charisma, and is more aggressive.

    The title “Aurora Consurgens” comes from an illuminated manuscript of the 15th century which contains an alchemical treatise. This was a spiritual and philosophical document which had been attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas, and contained 38 miniature watercolor paintings. The front cover of Angra’s new album is one of those pictures. From a lyrical standpoint, the album coneys a painful outlook on life without a feeling of hope. Although this is not a concept album, the use of the term “Aurora Consurgens” may possibly propose a negative spiritual/philosophical outlook.

    Bottom line, I recommend this release as a worthy addition to your music collection.

    Posted on February 15, 2010