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Aurora Consurgens

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  • Better believe it. Now I was introduced to Angra by a friend before the band split, just before Rebirth. Ususally bands splitting is never a good thing, but in this case a few members stuck with Angra, and a few others started Shaman, which BOTH turned out to be excellent!!! No kidding, now with 2 power metal bands out of Brazil, there is twice as much music to listen to and both are unique and equally interesting. My friend that introduced me did not like the new direction of Angra with Rebirth, but i disagree. I like the old, and without a doubt the new. It is just a little different, as the band has matured. Not as drastic of a change as say Metallica or Queensryche from old to new, but some slight differences, while still keeping the root of their music at the musicianship of the members. Excellent guitar solos throughout, drumbeats, and unmatchable vocals makeup one of the supergroups of our day. If you like progressive/power metal, don’t let this gem slip by. I know there are so many that pop up in the genre now, but these guys were there from the beginning, and are a standout act if you just give it a chance. That being said, this is a little heavier album, and might take a little more time to get used to, but who wants to be bored with the album after listening once??? The way i see it, more rewards for replay value if it doesn’t quite catch on the first time through. If you are looking for an easier catch, try “Angels Cry” or even “Rebirth”, which might be my favorite, but this is more in depth and a down right respectable masterpiece as well. Glad they keep the genre alive!

    Posted on February 15, 2010