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Away From The Sun [Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD]

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  • To take a CD like “The Better Life” and make a sophomore album off of that fanbase is a very difficult thing. I, being a previous 3 Doors Down fan, was severly awaiting the release of this installment for my collection for a long time. When, finally, I heard the song “When I’m Gone” on the radio for the first time, I knew the wait had not been in vain. On “Away from the Sun” they use “When I’m Gone” and then their title track to intensify the album right off the start. Then they go from track to track, mixing it up from an almost ballad-like song, “Here without You” to harder songs like “Dangerous Game” and “Going Down in Flames.” All of the songs have the catchy and addictive nature that ruled their premiere and have a much more mature nature to them. Simply Awesome

    Posted on January 31, 2010