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Away From The Sun [Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD]

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  • While Kryptonite keeps being their best song ever, Away From The Sun has enough material that’s as much brilliant as most off their first album.When I’m Gone, the first and successful single from the new album, attracts the attention from the very slow beginning and makes itself highly memorable thanks to incredibly catchy chorus. The signiture style of 3DD and their songwriting talent are both here and leave no noubt the guys happily go on with creating a good music.The lyrics are their strong side, as before, and this time the words do a lot to help liking most of songs on the Away From The Sun. Really meaningful, thought-provoking, and not so depressing.Going Down In Flames could be their next single, very easily, since that’s one of their catchiest tunes from the both albums. This is almost a pop song, but in the best sense.The list of other stand-outs would include: Changes, Here Without You, The Road I’M On, Dangerous Game, and, surely, This Time, the hidden track. The rest is still good, but rather sounds usual.

    Posted on February 1, 2010