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Away From The Sun

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  • I’ve already reviewed this disk, but I haven’t given the track by track rundown that I’m so darn good at. Here we go:1. WHEN I’M GONE (A-): Strong opening track and first single. Really embraces what this band is all about.2. AWAY FROM THE SUN (A-): A great interpretation of mellow rock. This is a great road tune.3. THE ROAD I’M ON (A): This song is skitzo! Humble verses, and an aggressive chorus. My favorite on this CD.4. TICKET TO HEAVEN (A): Almost too good to be 3 Doors Down! It should have been the closing track.5. RUNNING OUT OF DAYS (B-): Still good, but this song feels a little boring compared to it’s predecesors. 6. HERE WITHOUT YOU (A): Be Like That was the softie on their first album. Be Like That wishes it could be like this.7. I FEEL YOU (B+): the band’s sound has fallen into a consistant groove…country/rock. 8. DANGEROUS GAME (B+): More country, better rock. I can see a Western shootout to this one.9. CHANGES (A-): depressed to the point of anger/psychosis. Another Jekyl&Hyde song like track 3.10. GOING DOWN IN FLAMES (A): this song is the fastest but also most melodic. This is a good sounding band.11. SARAH YELLIN’ (C): This one is the hardest. effects are cool, the bridge is too, but the rhythms get a little annoying.12. untitled (D): might as well have left this one off. slow, dull, and now we know we won’t hear anything like Kryptonite again. (but this is a good thing.)

    Posted on February 24, 2010