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B Is for B-Sides

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With Less Than Jake on one of the summer’s major tours, Projekt Revolution 2004, the pop/punk heroes have collected a disc of tracks recorded for 2003’s Anthem – the highest-charting album in the band’s career – but never released domestically. In fact, nearly all of the tracks on B Is For B Side have never been released anywhere. After selling more than 1 million records over the past decade and with live shows that continue to expand a hardcore global fan base, Less Than Jake earns an A for B Is For B Sides.

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  • Their earlier work was bit too commercial, passe for my tastes.
    This album strikes a chord, a cord, and a nerve and back.
    This is much more satisfying on a deeper level.

    Chris, Vinny, Rog, JR, Buddy have outdone themselves.
    Most bands get worse and uninspired as they age.
    LTJ gets more and more awesome each day/year.
    It’ll be a sad day for music/art when they go their separate ways.

    See a show. They bring the most energy and upstage anyone hey play with. They embrace some of the cornier elements of rock and showmanship. Sometimes seriously, sometimes satirically. Always awesome. Live LTJ is a religious experience.

    All the tracks rule. Stick this in you cd player/cassette/8-track/vinyl player and smash in the repeat button. It’s better than good. It’s Less Than something.

    Posted on March 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • First off, anyone that says this album is trash talking bull. Considering its the castoffs from Anthem i think its a superb album, especially when you see i only rated Anthem as 3 stars.
    To me this album is still a mile off that old Losing Streak style that all of us love but i find i just dont care. Their newer more poppy sound which began at Hello Rockview is still superb in my opinion and can bring a smile to my face almost as well as Losing Streak, Pezcore and to some extent Losers,Kings and Things We Dont Understand did.
    I can see peoples point of view about this change in style and i admit i also found Anthem slightly boring and lacking that phenomenal heart that all other LTJ records hold (bar maybe Goodbye Blue and White which was too random to be considered a proper album to me) but I think LTJ have redeemed their new style greatly with this album, and whilst it will never quite be as brilliant as Losing Streak its still going to hold a special spot on my CD shelves with the other LTJ albums.
    P.S. As all the other true fans have said, i cant stress enough how important it is to see this band live, they remain to this day the best iv seen by a mile, and iv seen some pretty damn good bands!

    Posted on March 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • the reason why this is their best cd is it combines the meaningful lyrics that were in “anthem” with the ska sounds from “losing streak”. a bunch of people liked anthem but hated the fact that there wasnt enough ska in it. well these are songs they recorded when making anthem and theyve got plenty of ska and meaningful lyrics.
    if you havent bought an LTJ cd before, then i suggest buying “losing streak” or “hello rockview”(which i think is their 2nd best cd).
    dont listen to this and expect to hear much stuff like old catch 22 or planet smashers. less than jake isnt all that ska…..but they still kick ass.

    Posted on March 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • People are complaining that this CD is less than they expected, or its too ska-ish. Well, duh! LTJ is a ska band! is that surprising? If you’ve been reading these reviews and you’re confused on what to do, listen to the samples. They speak for themselves. Portrait, ASAOK, 9-1-1, and showbiz are my faves.

    You will love this CD. Cross my heart.

    B-sides, the artwork is cool too.

    Posted on March 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Like another reviewer of this CD, I have never written an Amazon review, but felt compelled to since, frankly, there are too many negative reviews for what is, in my opinion, a quality album.

    First of all, YES, this CD is like Anthem in that it shys away from the horn-driven ska sound that LTJ popularized in years past. Yes, they’re still there and yes, they sound great, but they aren’t featured on as many songs or as often. So if the only reason you ever listened to Less Than Jake was to hear horns, this or Anthem will not appeal to you.

    However, those who simply seek good music could do much worse than B Is For B-Sides. The songs are all well-written, and I’m sure most listeners can relate to at least some of the things the boys from Gainsville sing about. On that note, it’s worth saying that on this album, Roger sings quite a few of the songs, which provides what is in my opinion a varied sound. LTJ’s horn section, as always, is tight and sounds great, but even I would like to see them featured more on future releases.

    Like all albums, though, B Is for B-Sides is not without its flaws, however small. First and foremost, it’s too damn short. It clocks in at a few minutes short of a half an hour, and for such a quality album, the ride ends too soon. Also, I know it’s been said a hundred times before, but I really wish LTJ would put more emphasis on the horns. JR and Buddy are really talented players and I think they deserve to be featured more on the albums.

    To be short, if you liked the direction Anthem went in, you’ll love B Is for B-Sides. If you like LTJ only for the ska element, be wary. Those who find themselves in the middle should definatley give this one a try.

    PS: Anyone who says Less Than Jake “isn’t ska” anymore should go see them live. Any such thoughts will probably be extinguished upon doing so.

    Posted on March 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now