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B Is for B-Sides

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  • First off, anyone that says this album is trash talking bull. Considering its the castoffs from Anthem i think its a superb album, especially when you see i only rated Anthem as 3 stars.
    To me this album is still a mile off that old Losing Streak style that all of us love but i find i just dont care. Their newer more poppy sound which began at Hello Rockview is still superb in my opinion and can bring a smile to my face almost as well as Losing Streak, Pezcore and to some extent Losers,Kings and Things We Dont Understand did.
    I can see peoples point of view about this change in style and i admit i also found Anthem slightly boring and lacking that phenomenal heart that all other LTJ records hold (bar maybe Goodbye Blue and White which was too random to be considered a proper album to me) but I think LTJ have redeemed their new style greatly with this album, and whilst it will never quite be as brilliant as Losing Streak its still going to hold a special spot on my CD shelves with the other LTJ albums.
    P.S. As all the other true fans have said, i cant stress enough how important it is to see this band live, they remain to this day the best iv seen by a mile, and iv seen some pretty damn good bands!

    Posted on March 8, 2010