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B Is for B-Sides

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  • Their earlier work was bit too commercial, passe for my tastes.
    This album strikes a chord, a cord, and a nerve and back.
    This is much more satisfying on a deeper level.

    Chris, Vinny, Rog, JR, Buddy have outdone themselves.
    Most bands get worse and uninspired as they age.
    LTJ gets more and more awesome each day/year.
    It’ll be a sad day for music/art when they go their separate ways.

    See a show. They bring the most energy and upstage anyone hey play with. They embrace some of the cornier elements of rock and showmanship. Sometimes seriously, sometimes satirically. Always awesome. Live LTJ is a religious experience.

    All the tracks rule. Stick this in you cd player/cassette/8-track/vinyl player and smash in the repeat button. It’s better than good. It’s Less Than something.

    Posted on March 8, 2010