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  • First off, I want to point out the positives of this release, because it does have a few. Not concerning the songs themselves, but that casing is amazing. It comes in an extremely well done hardback book, with the CD being on the back of the cover when you open it, and the DVD being on the inside of the back….all with great photos and liner notes from the band being on the pages between. I also thorougly LOVE the fact that they finally brought back the fuzzy dandelion disc art that we all know from the Adrenaline and Around The Fur discs. I wish they would have stuck with this on the White Pony and Self Titled discs. But anyways, as far as positive ends from the music…The Chauffeur. This has always been one of my favorite deftones tracks. Its also very nice to have official releases of some of the tracks, considering the quality one gets from finding tracks online isnt always that great. Its also extremely sweet to have every single deftones video on one dvd, that deffinetly satisfies the anal b*#^@rd in me.

    But, the biggest nit pick I have with this is the music itself. Not that I wish any of these songs werent present, I just want more. It also saddens me that they left out some of their best B-sides. This disc is not so much a rarities and b-sides as it is a “Covers and Remixes” album. I have been looking forward to a deftones b-sides for years. In fact, I made one myself awhile ago. But I was looking forward to the official release, with consistent mixing and production…and because some of my favorite tracks are missing its a dissapointment. The most noteable tracks absent are “Teething” (one of the best deftones tracks ever, better than most of their album tracks) and (like everyone else has already said) “To Have And To Hold.” These are not only good for b-sides, but are STELLAR deftones gems that deserve an official release from the band themselves, not to be left for some crappy movie soundtrack or covers album. These are fan and personal favorites that really stand out in the deftones catalogue and their absence truly hinders this release. I think any fan would be with me 100% on this.

    Here is a list of tracks that should have seen this release (not only are they better than most of the tracks that made the cd, but some are heavier more “deftones” tracks that would have put more excitement and devirsity into the disc):

    - Teething (one of best deftones songs ever)
    - To Have And To Hold (another best ever)
    - Can’t Even Breathe (good track, please for the love of god save it from the “escape from l.a. soundtrack”)
    - Answers
    - Damone (would be nice to have this song more accessable than after 30 minutes of fastforwarding after “Around The Fur”)
    - Say It Ain’t So
    - The Boys Republic (not everyone has the special white pony, so this also would have been choice for this release)

    I was actually expecting all of the above tracks to make it onto this release, so it’s deffinetly a let down. It is still worth buyin if you are a huge fan. Let’s just hope for another, and better, B-sides disc in the future.

    Posted on February 18, 2010