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Hailing from South Wales, Skindred is a four-piece heavy rock n’ reggae outfit founded by eclectic, energetic vocalist Benji Webbe and fellow bassist-programmer, Daniel Pugsley. ”Skindred is dancehall; it’s punk; it’s metal, it’s who we are,” Pugsley proclaims. It’s a cohesive nether-region where Bounty Killa meets the Police – where 311 and System Of A Down collide. From the drum & bass album opener ”Set It Off” to the metalized toasting on the title track ”Babylon,” Skindred’s reggae-fied metal, dreadhead dub is a musical sucker-punch to the ribs. The first single from Babylon, ”Nobody,” is a genre-bending, high-octane hybrid of dancehall and metal that is sure to transport rock fans to a higher level of consciousness. Whatever you call it, Skindred is making rock music exciting again.

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  • This is probably the best debut album for any band ever. This is good stuff, it breaks the mold of so many genres and creates its own, and this is in their first album! At first I thought the album would be too much reggae and not heavy enough for my tastes, but rest assured it is plenty of heavy, plenty of screaming mixed with reggae-esque singing, lots of grinding guitars mixed with plenty of lighter ones. This one of the few bands that I honestly can not find anything to compare them to, you really do have to listen to them to understand, I had similar thoughts for Korn and System of a Down, so if you like them I would check this out (of course even if you don’t like Korn or System of a Down you should listen to this anyways), and Skindred really sounds even more unique than any other band I’ve ever heard, they definetly prove there are still some artists out there and not just bands.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Don’t expect every song to be heavy. I listened to the track Nobody and it was heavy and great, but I only found like 5 other tracks that were like it. Don’t go buy this because this because they say they sound like Korn because they don’t. No curses or heavy guitar. The vocals are one thing that made this cd great. The vocals are awesome on most tracks. I didn’t like the 3 interludes and the intro because it made you feel like it was a rap album. I don’t like rap at all.

    I take this group as being a mixture of the bands Grade 8 and Sublime. They kind of mix all kinds of music(heavy, rock, ragga) into one cd which was kind of cool.

    Overall this cd is well worth 11 dollars because it is something new and it will fit anyones taste of music.

    4-Start First-(2:48)-8/10
    5-Interlude 1-(:16)-N/A
    8-Interlude 2-(:27)-N/A
    9-Set it Off-(3:03)-10/10
    10-Firing the Love-(3:37)-9/10
    12-World Domination-(2:23)-10/10
    13-The Fear-(3:45)-9/10
    14-Interlude 3-(:26)-N/A
    16-The Beginning of Sorrows-(4:00)-8/10

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • SKINDRED is without a doubt one of the most unique bands to bless the scene with it’s presence in a long time. With Howard Benson (P.O.D.) producing and Rick Will (Incubus) mixing, their debut has the arsenal for warranted success. They have put together two transparently contrasting styles of music and developed a signature style that they can openly admit they originated. They have copied no one and didn’t “borrow” concepts from any other band. Instead, they took the risk and mixed reggae (or “dreadhead” if you will) with metal and out came a stunning record that will inevitably spawn a score of bands trying to emulate this exceptional sound. It is as aggressive as the latin metal bands like ILL NINO and SOULFLY but with the soul of reggae and the bounce of BOB MARELY. Reggae commonly has a sub conscious pulse that will provoke anyone to move along in time with the catchy beats and yet, SKINDRED used that mold as the foundation for insane metal overtones. This record will be an important one for 2004 and will be always remembered for destroying musical boundaries that were at one time etched in stone. SKINDRED can only get better from this point on. They have set a difficult tone for others seeking to capitalize on this brand new style of music. Their BABYLON debut is hopefully just the beginning of a long and appreciated career as a band who genuinely did something different. If you aren’t at the very least able to appreciate the atmosphere of reggae then you will lose out on the incarnation of music that transcends any genre. In essence, if you love music with a good beat and healthy aggression but isn’t overtly commercial, SKINDRED’S debut is destined to be a part of your life.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Skindred is a great hybrid of raggae, hardcore, dance hall ,pop, and metal to make a great sound that is rarely heard in music today. It’s just a shame that most of the music industry just doesn’t follow suit. At least thease guys try to march foward to a new insted of trying to regurgitate an old sound.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Rediculously delicious blend of hard rock and reggae. From beginning to end the album is a thrill. It’s a unique sound so it won’t get old quick. I have heard the single “nobody” on the radio only twice, in two different cities, so I imagine that not a lot of people are hip to this group. Help spread this by word of mouth becuase anyone you play it for is sure to fall in love with it. So long as they share the same musical taste of course.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now