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  • SKINDRED is without a doubt one of the most unique bands to bless the scene with it’s presence in a long time. With Howard Benson (P.O.D.) producing and Rick Will (Incubus) mixing, their debut has the arsenal for warranted success. They have put together two transparently contrasting styles of music and developed a signature style that they can openly admit they originated. They have copied no one and didn’t “borrow” concepts from any other band. Instead, they took the risk and mixed reggae (or “dreadhead” if you will) with metal and out came a stunning record that will inevitably spawn a score of bands trying to emulate this exceptional sound. It is as aggressive as the latin metal bands like ILL NINO and SOULFLY but with the soul of reggae and the bounce of BOB MARELY. Reggae commonly has a sub conscious pulse that will provoke anyone to move along in time with the catchy beats and yet, SKINDRED used that mold as the foundation for insane metal overtones. This record will be an important one for 2004 and will be always remembered for destroying musical boundaries that were at one time etched in stone. SKINDRED can only get better from this point on. They have set a difficult tone for others seeking to capitalize on this brand new style of music. Their BABYLON debut is hopefully just the beginning of a long and appreciated career as a band who genuinely did something different. If you aren’t at the very least able to appreciate the atmosphere of reggae then you will lose out on the incarnation of music that transcends any genre. In essence, if you love music with a good beat and healthy aggression but isn’t overtly commercial, SKINDRED’S debut is destined to be a part of your life.

    Posted on December 5, 2009