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  • This is probably the best debut album for any band ever. This is good stuff, it breaks the mold of so many genres and creates its own, and this is in their first album! At first I thought the album would be too much reggae and not heavy enough for my tastes, but rest assured it is plenty of heavy, plenty of screaming mixed with reggae-esque singing, lots of grinding guitars mixed with plenty of lighter ones. This one of the few bands that I honestly can not find anything to compare them to, you really do have to listen to them to understand, I had similar thoughts for Korn and System of a Down, so if you like them I would check this out (of course even if you don’t like Korn or System of a Down you should listen to this anyways), and Skindred really sounds even more unique than any other band I’ve ever heard, they definetly prove there are still some artists out there and not just bands.

    Posted on December 5, 2009