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Back to the Trenches

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  • BACK TO THE TRENCHES is a great 2-disc set of unreleased live Nazareth. The large majority of disc 1 is obviously from an early show, with some later material tacked onto the end to fill out the length of the CD. The songs are of uniformly excellent quality, and the singing and playing are soulful and intense. On Disc 2, the songs are still of consistently high standard, and Manny Charlton’s guitar playing is still as raw and powerful as in the early days. However, Dan McCafferty’s singing is not quite as good, and at times sounds more like a demon than a human (probably the result of too much drink and smoke, and too many late nights). However, this does not keep the whole collection from deserving 5 stars, as the hot playing more than compensates for whatever problems McCafferty may have been having with his voice in the 1981-1984 period.

    Posted on January 10, 2010