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Bad Reputation

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  • I can’t think of another band that influenced me in my youth the way these guys did. I consider them the best rock band of all. I know Phil wrote the occasionally awful line, and at times the songs were just downright peculiar (“S & M” off “Black Rose” comes to mind), but the unique sound and look of the band set them apart, and gave them a unique, singular voice. Here is Thin Lizzy again offering very diverse material, songs that kick you in your butt (“Bad Reputation”, “Opium Trail”, “Soldier of Fortune” and “Killer Without A Cause”), what could be considered religious songs (“Downtown Sundown” and “Dear Lord”, songs I find incredibly heartfelt, beautiful, and at times, awkward. God bless you, Phil), and pop songs with great guitar licks (“Southbound”, “That Women’s Gonna Break Your Heart” and “Dancing in The Moonlight”, my least favorite track on the album). Not what you would expect from what everyone was saying was a “hard rock” band. When I consider that Thin Lizzy released the following 4 STUDIO albums consecutively….”Jailbreak” (1976), “Johnny the Fox” (1976), “Bad Reputation” (1977) and “Black Rose” (1979), and when I listen to them now, scratches and all, ….I think that Thin Lizzy is still my favorite rock band, and I wish to god I could play guitar like Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, and be as cool as Phil Lynott. These 4 albums are rock nirvana to me. If push came to shove, I consider “Bad Reputation” their best album. It is more Scott Gorham than Brian Robertson, and for that,I give it up to Scott Gorham. But I wish the two would have stayed together, especially when you hear them together on “That Woman’s Gonna Break Your Heart”. My biggest regret was not seeing them on November 1st, 1977 at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee WI, in support of this album. I was 14 at the time, and Thin Lizzy wasn’t as popular as some of the other bands back then. Nobody really wanted to go to the show with me, and when your 14 you don’t really feel comfortable going alone. As such, I never got the chance to see this band live, in person. But I hear that Scott Gorham and John Sykes have their version of Thin Lizzy touring this summer (with a date in my hometown, no less. Maybe I can fly there to see them).

    Posted on March 10, 2010