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Bad Reputation

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  • The first thing that comes to mind is: Hell, they could sound “pop” and still be hard rockers. So why they never played on radio, with few exceptions like “boys are back in town”.
    Bad Reputation is an great effort to make Thin Lizzy a successful band without losing their style. It is clear that they mixed here on this record the rawness from Jailbreak, and the experimentations from Johnny the Fox”. So, it’s an album like “midway”, but never half succeeded. No way, this is really a good piece of 70’s hard rock, even better than most of the trash done during 80’s and 90’s when it comes to hard rock.
    A sad mark to this album is the fact that it is the last time Robbo and Gorham put their guitar to fight together in a studio. But what a great way to say farewell to arms! I prefer Robbo a little bit, but Gorham is terrific, there ain’t no such thing as a bad riff from the beginning to the end.
    Some people may consider this album kinda laid-back stuff, but try to sse from another side, it’s hard rock, with melodic phrases, without being glossy or fancy.
    Really heavy tunes: Bad Reputation – opium trail – Killer without a cause
    Other great tracks: That woman is gonna break your heart (the most beautiful Lizzy’s ballad, along with Sarah)
    Southbound- highway style song
    Soldier of fortune – great opening track, beautiful guitar solo
    Anyway the whole album is great, except maybe for Dear Lord, but, any song put after That Woman… is simply unfair.
    In a four years space, those guys sent to the world such gems as Fighting, Jailbreak, Johnny the Fox, Bad Reputation, Live and Dangerous and Black Rose. Man, I mean, they were at least AWESOME!

    Posted on March 10, 2010