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  • After a 4 year hiatus from relentless touring, and an amazing live album from ‘The Razor’s Edge’ tour in ‘91, AC/DC returned with a fury with ‘Ballbreaker.’ A clever album that delivers the goods on several different levels. Burned out and depressed from the ‘grunge’ music of the early 90’s, I faithfully bought this CD in hopes of returning to my upbeat heavy-metal arena rock memories. I wasn’t disappointed. This album rocks. It also got alot of airplay when it was first released. Yes, it’s a bit polished, but that’s ok. Produced by Rick Rubin, an experienced producer, this album was a moderate success. The DVD of their live concert in Spain, ‘No Bull’ is a must for any true AC/DC fan. This was recorded during the ‘Ballbreaker’ tour.A perfect companion piece to this one. I got to see them twice in CA, and I was 11th row the first time. (I had just finished a bottle of Yukon Jack before the show!) Angus and Brian ran right past us and I was in AC/DC heaven. ‘Hail Caesar’ is a highlight and so is ‘The Furor’. The boys take it easy and just play good blues/rock ‘n’ roll for this one. They don’t have anything to prove. They don’t have to churn out an album every year like other poser bands. The comic-book jacket-booklet is very cool. As with all of the re-issued/remasters, the true sound and fury of AC/DC is brought out and it sounds really f-ing great. This is a very good album on its own and was a powerful live performance. It was hard to follow this one, and their ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ album was also good and bluesy, but it missed a few beats. This album proves that AC/DC is still ‘Hard as a Rock’ after decades of rocking the living daylights out of its fans.

    Posted on November 17, 2009